I don’t think it’s a bad thing that when a new year comes around, everyone starts creating a New Year’s resolution or two, things they want to change in their lives in the next year to make them better. Every year, I want to quit cigarettes, lose weight, stay healthy, etc. but I’ve never made it a public list. So I’ve decided to combine my New Year’s resolutions with a popular idea other bloggers have called the “life list” (such as Nicole did over at Making it Lovely or Alex did from Alex the Girl). These are in no particular order of importance and they will most likely be edited over time; here it goes:

  1. Get married to my husband for the 2nd time (it’s coming! June 16 2012!)
  2. Quit cigarettes, for good.
  3. Eat healthy.
  4. Start running on a regular basis.
  5. Get more sleep.
  6. Edit my wardrobe ruthlessly.
  7. Buy a plot of land without any neighbors.
  8. Build our “dream house.”
  9. Own a Chanel 2.55 bag.
  10. Live without credit cards.
  11. Be completely debt-free.
  12. Have a successful garden that includes vegetables.
  13. Own/build a Farmhouse table.
  14. Adopt a mutt from the humane society.
  15. Learn to sew better.
  16. Take one photo a day for a year.
  17. Finalize all of the art/frames in our current home.
  18. Stop biting my nails and have manicures on a regular basis.
  19. Paint one room pink, even if it’s a closet.
  20. Train Charlie and Zoey better.
  21. Pave our driveway.
  22. Decal Jason’s truck with his DJ business, maybe even my car too.
  23. Buy a box trailer and decal it for our business.
  24. Build our personal business to the point where it could be our sole income.
  25. Have a baby, then a couple more.
  26. Be a stay at home mom.
  27. Understand WordPress better.
  28. Keep my car cleaner.
  29. Wash my car more often.
  30. Get a massage.
  31. Create a tradition.
  32. Become an “extreme” couponer and learn how to get things for FREE.
  33. Have a stockpile.
  34. Light more candles.
  35. Find a place for our chest freezer that is NOT an eyesore.
  36. Create a recipe book.
  37. Become a better meal planner.
  38. Get my 4th tattoo.
  39. Attend a NYC Fashion show.
  40. Make a place for myself to blog/craft/etc in our current home.
  41. Build more confidence on the phone.
  42. Own a pair of Hunter rain boots.
  43. Go to Disney World when we have a family.
  44. Participate in a NAMI Walk in honor of my mom.
  45. Donate a significant amount of money to a charity.
  46. Learn to knit and crochet.
  47. Go to a state fair.
  48. Snowboard in Aspen.
  49. Host a big backyard barbecue with our closest friends.
  50. Have a stocked wine cabinet.
  51. Publish a book.
  52. Own a pair of Louboutin heels.
  53. Renovate our current kitchen.
  54. Visit every state.
  55. Participate in a wine tasting.
  56. Renovate both bathrooms in our current home.
  57. Drive a moped.
  58. Spend more time with friends.
  59. Refresh a piece of furniture from Craigslist.
  60. Own more than two chairs for our dining table.
  61. Host a fancy dinner.
  62. Host Thanksgiving dinner in our home.
  63. Have Lasik eye surgery, if I’m a candidate.
  64. Straighten my bottom teeth.
  65. Whiten my teeth (once I’m done smoking).
  66. Take an RV trip.
  67. Go to a football game with my husband.
  68. Go to Mexico and have a margarita.
  69. Get a passport (will need to, ASAP for our honeymoon!)
  70. Learn to photograph better.
  71. Go to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Annapolis.
  72. Stop worrying about my mom and make her happy.
  73. Learn how to bake better.
  74. Have a successful marriage.
  75. Have no regrets.